Pure Blonde has launched a brand new crisp apple cider just in time for summer! Pure Blonde is now no longer just a low carb beer, but also a crisp apple cider with 60 per cent less sugar and 50 per cent less carbohydrates than regular cider.


Pure Blonde Apple Cider is the ‘better for you’ option cider and Pure Blonde has some stats to prove it! Consumer research has shown that in Australia, 84 per cent of regular cider drinkers are likely to follow a healthy and balanced diet. Knowing this, Pure Blonde Cider aims to be the perfect fit for adults who have an active lifestyle and are looking for a smarter, less sugary choice when drinking.


Pure Blonde Apple Cider is also now the ideal choice for those who like drinking cider but often find it too sweet compared to other alcoholic beverages. Pure Blonde Cider provides a light, crisp refreshing apple taste without the tooth rotting sweetness. And not only does it not taste sweet but it contains 16 (yes! 16) fewer teaspoons of sugar per six-pack or 2.7 fewer per bottle than regular cider. Teeth rejoice as that’s a lot less sugar!


With 85 per cent of cider drinkers ranking flavour as an important factor when choosing their drink, Pure Blonde has cut down on sugar without compromising flavour. Made from whole crushed apples and fermented with a white wine yeast to produce the crisp, delicate finish, Pure Blonde Cider has a freshly cut apple aroma with no artificial flavours or sweeteners.


Pure Blonde Cider is 4.2 per cent ABV (Alcohol By Volume) and has been launched nationally, available in bottle shops and on premise venues across Australia. So this summer, kick back and enjoy and ice cold Pure Blonde cider or two with 60% less sugar! And as always, be sure to drink responsibly!


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