Where else can you go and get kick-ass Udon, fully decorated desserts of your dreams and Korean BBQ at 1am? The City doesn’t count, as it’s not under one postcode.  I ain’t bothered to walk from Wynyard to Central. Get yo ass to Chatswood. Everything is within a 5-10minute walking distance.

And PS don’t call it Chatwong (unless your last name is Wong) because making fun of a suburb for having amazing Asian food is like kicking a donut because it’s so damn delicious. Damn, Donut. Come back!


  1. Bingsoo.

This here involves one of my biggest life regrets. I don’t have any bingsoo friends. You know those ones? The ones you want to call at 8pm after dinner and say, hey dudes, want to eat some bingsoo and really appreciate our life over this bowl of shaved ice goodness?

I got none. Hotline bling me if you want to be my BBF (Bingsoo Best Friend). The best place to get it is at PassionTree Chatswood: located at Chatswood Interchange.

Quick! Take cover at Passion Tree! 📷: @pw_meg37 | #passiontree #dessert #watermelon #bingsoo

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Seriously guys. Look at those photos. Their specialities are these amazing Rockmelon, Watermelon and Pineapple Bingsoos. Next time I crave some Watermelon Bingsoo I will call up my friend and say, look dude. I know you’re not used to desserts from Korea. It may frighten you. However, it’s just shaved ice infused with watermelon inside the watermelon and then they’ve scooped up the watermelon in adorable little balls and topped it up with ice cream. There is nothing there you haven’t tried before. So c’mon with me, be an explorer. Be Christopher Columbus and get some good bingsoo photos for your snapchat story as well.



  1. Udon at Marukame Udon

Located at 332 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood


Ok this one deserves a little hip, hip hooray because I actually do have a Udon friend. A fellow UTS student who always enjoys a little amazing Udon for under $5. Oh yeah, that’s like every single uni student out there. Preach.

I usually like to get the extra ingredients (like beef) and pay more but yeah you can seriously get a basic Medium sized Kamage Udon (which looks like a large to me) for $4.30. Yeah.

And then there’s a free station where you can get lots of free extra things to put in your Udon aka thinly cut green onions. You can sprinkle all the green onions until it looks like you are one lean green machine. And then sit there and enjoy your deliciously cheap udon.

I like getting the Kamaage Udon because they serve it to you straight in a wooden tub after being taken out of a boiling pot. And it looks like the Udon is just chillin, enjoying its wooden tub vibes #udonbath.


So, writing about only two options was really hard. Every bit of Chatswood from the TimHoWan at Interchange (and pretty much everything at Interchange including the Hello Kitty Café – yes where everything you consume looks like Hello Kitty) down to the new ‘Asian markets’ concept food court inside the Westfield and also stretching out across all the way to the Chatswood Chase is seriously great.


PS only seek out food within the boundaries of the Interchange to the Chase though because who can be bothered to walk more?


PPS My instagram is @suekang_ if you want to be my Bingsoo friend ….. Pls?



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